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We met a pretty classmate together after class


What to do when two friends, real comrades who are in the same class, like one girl? Of course, do not sort things out among themselves and try to get the girl’s attention. You just need to divide the young body of a pretty beauty and cuddle her after lessons in the hut while the parents are at work. So the girl will receive unrealistic pleasure, and the guys will remain friends and will not swear because of some kind of prostitute.

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  • Pancho

    Ah, this is what students are doing right after class. It seems couples to teach them it is completely boring that they dilute their pastime with such an amazing intimacy. Well, I must admit, the chick caught the guys is excellent. Looks like a smart clever, but actually a lustful whore. So young and already given to two at once. The boys and I, too, once at the graduation party, bored an excellent pupil and had even managed to break her point. That's one step from clever to whore!

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