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Used a friend's girl while he was sleeping


Another feast, which ends with everyone falling asleep. Friends drank well, sat down, time later, a young couple who live together allowed their friend to spend the night at home. The boy immediately passed out, but his friend and the girl with whom he lives together couldn’t sleep for a long time and decided to relax completely after drinking. As a result, a beautiful blowjob from a drunk chick and frisky fuck right next to the sleeping sidekick. And how is it even better to end the evening after the feast, the girl was very pleased with such a terrific sex at night, and her boyfriend’s friend did not seem to be offended.

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  • Dad

    The mean girl, while her beloved was resting, put a hole in the other) Apparently the guy does not pay attention to his beauty that she is so eager to fuck with a friend. Girls and how can you be trusted after that? Do not cheat on boyfriends !!!

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