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With a girlfriend, he climbed to the top of the mountain and had sex with her


A couple of young people have long been planning a vacation, good, dynamic and useful. We decided to climb the mountains, admire nature, breathe clean air and relax. But the guy had only one thing in mind, as it were, to fuck his girlfriend. He did not come up with anything better than to breed her for sex right on top of the mountain. The girlfriend with glasses also did not mind having fun with a member of her boyfriend and getting a lot of sperm on her young face.

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  • Vova Bes

    While young you need to diversify your sex as much as possible. Well done did not hesitate and had an intimacy in the fresh air. How much I persuade my wife in any way, shy. But the guy was incredibly lucky with his girlfriend! Oh, very good! Turns on!

  • Spice

    I like to watch xxx sex in nature, well, of course, not only watch, but also engage. Once I myself was lucky enough to persuade my girlfriend to have such an intercourse and I will say this, you get a lot of completely different impressions. Fucking in the bedroom is somehow boring, but in the fresh air is another matter! Those who have already tried will understand me. Well, a young couple well done! Great intimacy, so to speak, for a change of life together! It's good that they shot everything on camera.

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